Case Study

Eager to take advantage of the seller’s market, this Rosemount family needed to downsize—and do it QUICK!


Rita and David wanted to downsize so they could start transitioning toward retirement and spend more time at their lake home. This wasn’t their first attempt. A few years before we met, they worked with another Realtor® to sell their home, but they were faced with numerous obstacles that hindered the sale. Not only did their home sit on the market for months, but they accepted two offers, yet never made it to the closing table. Now they were ready to sell again, but they had doubts that their home would sell—let alone for the highest price possible.


Determined to not let their past failure discourage them, David and Rita went searching for the right agent.


David and Rita reached out to me telling me they were interested in selling their home off the market. They were very nervous that their home wouldn’t sell. They didn’t want to go through the agony of having their home sit on the market again.


I listened to their experience, and I completely understood where they were coming from. Their previous experience had them anxious and doubtful. I presented a unique and strategic plan to get their home sold on the market, and while still somewhat hesitant, they gained hope.


We got their home ready for market in under 3 weeks with less than $1500 in updates and a strategic marketing plan.


I sat down with David and Rita and we mapped out a plan of home updates to make that would increase the value of their home. We strategically staged the home—showing the use of all areas of their home. And once home updates were complete, I went to work heavily marketing their home using the time-tested methods I know work the best.


Home sold for $21,000 over list price in less than a week!


“Danielle is an excellent professional for selling your home or helping you buy a home.  We had in the past not very successful and unpleasant experiences with other Real Estate agents in trying to sell our family home. 


Last year, as empty-nesters, we wanted to try again to sell the family home, downsize, and start our next steps toward retirement. Danielle did not fail. Guided us with realistic expectations.


We listened to all her advice (home prep/staging/pricing/offer negotiations) and our home sold very quickly over the asking price. 


She also helped us buy a townhome in a difficult buyers’ market.  I would highly recommend Danielle.”


-Rita R.


So how did Rita and David get massive ROI?


All my clients deserve to get the highest possible price in the fewest days on the market. That’s exactly why strategy is so important. When I worked with Rita and David, as with all my clients, I used home preparation and marketing strategies that increase the property’s perceived value. With my systematic process, Rita and David went from hesitant (due to their prior experience) to excited. Securing $21k over the asking price was huge for them. They were able to successfully downsize and transition to their lake home with no financial worries.


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